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Junior registration update

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Because most of our junior squads are full with waiting lists, registration for the Blackheath junior section in 2021 is (as usual) taking place in 2 stages. The first stage is the priority registration period for existing members, which opened on 11 December 2020 and came to an end on 11 January 2021. We are now in the second stage, which involves assessing how many places we can offer to new members in each squad and then contacting those on waiting lists to make offers.

This process will take longer for some squads than for others - if you are on a waiting list, please be patient as it may be necessary to work down the list before we know whether we can make you an offer. We will be in touch as soon as we can.

If your child was a member in 2020 and you intended to register them again for 2021 but missed the priority members' window, please get in touch urgently by emailing Nick Harrison at Your child's place may still be available, but the longer you leave it, the more likely that you will find that it has been offered to someone else.

For details of plans for the new season, see the boys’ cricket and girls’ cricket pages of the website. The regular summer coaching sessions will start in the week commencing 19th April 2021. Subscriptions for 2021 have been held at the same levels as this year (see the above pages of the website for details), except for a small adjustment to the sibling discount.

For the procedure for re-registering an existing member, or for adding a child to the waiting list, see below ...


As usual, registration is done online from the club website and can be done on your pc, tablet or smartphone. Click on "Teamtamer" and enter either your Username or email address and Password you used last year (or follow the prompts to reset your Password). This will take you to your personal Dashboard, where you should select the child you want to re-register under “You & Your Family” and follow the prompts.

You will find that all the information that you input last year is still stored, so the process should be very quick. However, we ask you to review the information we hold for you, make sure the details are correct and give the necessary consents. Please remember that your registration is not complete until payment has been made.


It’s not too late to add a child to our waiting list for the coming year. There are still spaces available in the youngest boys’ squad (U6) and we are also expanding the younger girls’ squads (U6/U7 and U8/U9), creating more capacity there as well. As regards other squads, the length of the waiting list varies, but the sooner you put your child on the waiting list, the better the chance of a place.

For those who are new to the club, adding your child to the waiting list couldn’t be easier: just click on this link and follow the prompts.

If you have a child who is an existing member, but would like to sign up a sibling for the first time, this still has to be done through the waiting list, but the procedure is different: log in as above and click on “Add Junior”, then follow the prompts.

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