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Update on rules at Blackheath and Grafham

Arrangements relating to Covid-19

Following the recent lifting of most Covid-19 restrictions on 19 July and further guidance from the ECB, we have reviewed the arrangements in place for members and visitors at our two grounds and pavilions at Blackheath and Grafham.

As from this weekend (31st July / 1st August) arrangements will broadly revert to normal, with a few relatively minor adaptations.

The pavilions at both grounds will be fully open during matches, the changing rooms will be fully open for use, and the bars at both grounds will resume normal operations from inside the pavilions. Drinks can be ordered from the bar, but to reduce the risk of crowding at the bar, at busy periods drinks orders may be brought to tables.

Cricket teas will be provided during cricket week, but until further notice will not be provided during regular league and Sunday matches. To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission by touch, during cricket week teas will be served at tables rather than being self-service.

Evening meals at Blackheath, both on Saturday evenings and during cricket week, will be served at tables either in the pavilion or in the marquee, instead of a buffet. Meals should be ordered and paid for at the bar.

There will not be any requirement to wear a face covering in the pavilion at either venue, however it is recommended to wear a mask if the pavilions become crowded at any stage, and in that event doors and windows will be opened to maximise ventilation. Numerous bottles of hand sanitiser are distributed around both pavilions; members and guests are recommended to use these at regular intervals.

To state the obvious, please do not come to the club if you have Covid-19 symptoms or are supposed to be self-isolating. As per government guidelines you are not longer required to check in for track and trace purposes, but the QR code is still available should you wish to do so. Although we are no longer operating a formal track and trace system, please notify us should you test positive following attendance at the club.

Driving in the village and on the track up to the club

Finally, on a separate note, please can all visitors to the club arriving by car bear in mind that Blackheath is a small village with narrow lanes. There is a 20 mph advisory speed limit in the village generally and a 5mph speed limit on the track up to the club. Please do respect these speed limits at all times and make sure you drive carefully and considerately.

On the very limited occasions when you are asked to exit the club by using the track alongside the ground in front of the houses, please drive extremely slowly, both because there are likely to be children about and because if you drive at any speed at all, it kicks up clouds of dust. Your consideration will be much appreciated.

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