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Men's Cricket 2021 - It's Time To Rejoin Your Club

The 2021 cricket season is only days away and it's time to renew your Blackheath membership. There are changes to the way things work this season so, even if you have already paid your 2021 subscription, please read this message carefully.

*** You cannot be selected this season until you have actually paid something. So you need to act now, BEFORE you play. ***

The good news is that prices are unchanged from 2019, and for those with limited cash there are ways to make things more affordable by spreading the cost.

  • If you buy the "unlimited" subscription you now have the option to pay in easy monthly instalments across the whole year.

  • Match fees are no longer collected by captains on match days, but instead are payable online IN ADVANCE as part of your subscription.

The basic cost of being a club member is £60 for senior players of all ages, but on top of that there is a sliding scale so that those who play the most pay the most. The fee for each match is £12.50 for Over21s, £5 for Under21s and £0 for Under18s.

"Unlimited" Subscription

This is the simplest option, and if you're playing 15 games or more it's also the cheapest. One payment covers all cricket for the whole season.

£250 for Over25s, £175 for Under 25s or £110 for Under 21s.

If you want this option but you're short of cash then you can PAY MONTHLY.

£21 per month for Over25s, £15 per month for Under25s and £10 per month for Under21s.

Choose the "Pay Monthly" subscription option when you register on Teamtamer and then once you have given your card details you can forget about it and just get on with your cricket.

IMPORTANT - This will mean you owe 12 monthly payments for a whole year, not just for the months when you're actually playing cricket.

"Match Fee" Subscription

Alternatively, if you want to be a club member but you only intend to play a handful of games, just pick a subscription option that contains the number of pre-paid match fees which best suits you.

  • Annual membership and 3 games is £97.50 (£60 membership plus 3 x £12.50)

  • Annual membership and 6 games is £135 (£60 membership plus 6 x £12.50)

  • Annual membership and 9 games is £172.50 (£60 membership plus 9 x £12.50)

Once you have played your chosen number of games you won't be selected again, but if you find you want to play more you can always upgrade to a higher number of games (or "unlimited") at any time and just pay the difference.

New Members

Welcome! We're always keen to get new members of all standards. We'd like you to register on our Teamtamer system (see instructions below) so that we have your contact details etc, but there's no need to pay anything until you've given us a try. Just take the free "NEW MEMBER" subscription option, play a couple of games, and then if you want to carry on you can upgrade to full membership after that.

Under 14s

We very much want to see this year's Under 14s start to take their first steps into adult cricket, and their previous experience in the junior leagues means they are more than ready.

The junior subscription is £130, but that includes the full programme of squad training and professional coaching. As previously advised by Nick Harrison, if you want to play some adult cricket but you won't be joining the junior coaching programme this year, just register as normal but then contact Graham Webb ( who can refund £70.

How To Register

If you're an existing member, please LOG IN (i.e. Don't take the option to register as a new member because this will create a duplicate account). Once logged in you will see an option to "Register Now".

If you're a new member, just click "Register Yourself Now" on the log-in screen, or "Register your Child Now" for Under 18s.

The whole process should only take a couple of minutes.

Here's to a great season in 2021!

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