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Junior league squads pre-season coaching programme

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

To make up as best we can for the absence of a winter training programme this year, the club is running a short course of 3 pre-season coaching sessions for each of our junior league squads in the week commencing 12 April 2021.

These sessions will be run by professional coaches with a coaching ratio of no more than 1:8. There will have to be limit on available places for each squad and there will be a modest charge for the sessions (it will only be possible to sign up for the package of 3 sessions).

The timetable and cost of the sessions will be as follows:

Boys U14 and U13 squads: Mon 12 April 2-3.45pm; Tue 13 April 2-3.45pm; Fri 16 April 2-3.45pm (5¼ hours coaching; £40)

Girls U14-U12 and U11/U10 squads: Mon 12 April 11.15am-1pm; Tue 13 April 11.15am-1pm; Thu 15 April 11.15am-1pm (5¼ hours coaching; £40)

Boys U12 and U11 squads: Mon 12 April 9-10.45am; Tue 12 April 9-10.45am; Wed 14 April 9-10.45am (5¼ hours coaching; £40)

Boys U10 squad: Wed 14 April; 11.15am-1pm; Thu 15 April 9-10.45am; Fri 16 April 9-10.45am (5¼ hours coaching; £40)

Boys U9 and U8 squads: Wed 14 April 2pm-3.15pm; Thu 15 April 2pm-3.15pm; Fri 16 April 11.15-12.30pm (3¾ hours coaching; £30)

The available places for these courses will have to be pre-booked through Teamtamer. The tickets will be released at 9am on Friday 26 March, and will be allocated to squad members on a first come first served basis for each squad. To purchase a ticket go to the home page of the website, select the pre-season sessions for your squad from the What'sOn window and follow the prompts.

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