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Junior registration and winter coaching 2022

Registration for the Blackheath junior section in 2022 is now open. In the coming year we will once again be providing a full summer programme for all age groups between U6 and U14 and the option of additional winter coaching for boys (U8 and older) and girls (U10 and older). Full details are now on the boys’ cricket and girls’ cricket pages of the website. For the winter coaching programme, see the coaching page.

As ever, there are waiting lists for nearly all our junior age groups, so registration will take place in 2 stages. For existing members there is a priority registration window, which has just opened and will close on Wednesday 5 January 2022. After the window closes, those on waiting lists will be offered available spaces, although in some cases we will be able to offer places before that.

For more on the registration process, how to join our waiting lists and how to sign up for winter coaching, see below.

Re-registering an existing member

For existing members, registration is done online from the club website and can be done on your pc, tablet or smartphone. Click on “Teamtamer” and enter either your Username or email address and Password you used last year (or follow the prompts to reset your Password). This will take you to your personal Dashboard, where you should select the child you want to re-register under “You & Your Family” and follow the prompts.

Your details are already stored, so the process should be very quick. However, we ask you to review the information we hold for you, make sure the details are correct and give the necessary consents. Please remember that your registration is not complete until payment has been made.

All members intending to re-register should make sure they do so before the members’ priority registration window closes on 5 January 2022 – if you attempt to re-register after that you may find that your place is no longer available.

Offers to those on waiting lists

All those on waiting lists will be contacted by email with news of available places for 2022 as soon as possible. Where we know there is going to be space (e.g. in our youngest age groups or where we are expanding a squad) this may be in December. Otherwise, it will be after the members’ priority window closes in January. We aim to contact as many as possible before the winter coaching programme starts. We are usually able to offer at least some places to those on waiting list for every age group, although the number of places available of course varies from squad to squad.

Our emails to those on waiting lists offering places for 2022 will provide full details of how to register as members.

Joining our waiting list

For those who are new to the club and to our associated academy (Matchfit Academy), joining our junior waiting list is very straightforward: just click on this link and follow the prompts. However, if you already have another child who is a member of Blackheath, or if your child has already signed up to other activities run by Matchfit (e.g. an after-school club or holiday camp) the procedure is slightly different ...

  • If you have a child who is an existing member, but would like to sign up a sibling for the first time, log in to Teamtamer as above, click on “Add Junior” and follow the prompts.

  • If you don’t have another child who is an existing member, but your child has previously signed up to Matchfit, you will need to log in to your Teamtamer account and add Blackheath to that account using the “Add a Club” function. You should already have received an email about this, but if in doubt contact

Signing up for winter training

Starting in January, there will be a full winter training programme for both boys (U8 and older) and girls (U10 and older). All sessions will be run either by members of the Matchfit team of professional coaches or (in the case of the U12 boys) by Chris Poil, and are mostly on Friday evenings: see the winter coaching page of the website for details.

This year those wanting to do winter training need to sign up for that separately. Once you have registered for 2022, go to the website, click on the relevant link at the bottom of the winter coaching page and follow the prompts. Because of limited availability of suitable indoor facilities, numbers for each junior winter coaching session are limited to an average of 10 per squad, which will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Training opportunities in the Christmas holidays

Finally, although the neither the club nor Matchfit are running any group cricket coaching sessions in the Christmas holidays, for those who can’t wait until January there are a couple of options you may be interested in …

  • Ronny and Danny Harrison will be available in the holidays to give 1:1 coaching sessions, either (subject to availability) in the indoor nets at Charterhouse or Cranleigh or (weather permitting) outside at Blackheath. The cost of these is £30 per hour plus (if indoors) the cost of facility hire. To book sessions, email them directly at or

  • There are places available for boys and girls ages 8-13 on courses being run between 14 and 17 December 2021 at Cranleigh School by the school’s Director of Cricket, Stuart Welch, through his Cranleigh Cricket Academy. For further details and to book places, see

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