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At Blackheath Cricket Club we are all very fortunate. We have the time and resources to play the game we love in very special surroundings, with great facilities and with our friends around us. But we are all very conscious that many others are not so fortunate, and that's why we are always on the look-out for deserving cricket-related causes that we can support in ways which benefit both them and also ourselves.


Currently, there are two particular charities that we like to support when we can, but if you have other ideas in this area then please share them with someone on our leadership team.  

Launched in 2013, the mission of the East Africa Character Development Trust(EACDT) is to transform the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young Africans through Character Education and sport.

Success in life depends on more than academic learning. They instil character strengths deemed essential for development and success; and, as importantly, they empower children to express their voices and thus help them improve their own communities.

At Blackheath we became aware of this excellent and deserving charity through our annual Cricket Week fixture against Kenya Kongonis Cricket Club, some of whose members are directly involved with it. Over the past few years we have helped in two specific ways:-

  • Through the generosity of our members we've been able to raise several thousand pounds at fundraising events, which has helped to fund coaching staff in Nairobi, who are essential to the work of EACDT in Nairobi.

  • Parents of our junior members have also been generous in donating second hand cricket equipment which makes a real difference to the quality of coaching that EACDT can provide.

For more information please visit


The Refugee Cricket Project brings young refugees and asylum-seekers together to play sport, make friends and build confidence. Their team provides advice at the sessions and throughout the week, supporting the young cricketers with asylum and welfare issues, and helping them to navigate their way safely and positively in society.

At Blackheath we want to support this great cause in two specific ways:-

  • By providing coaching expertise

  • By providing an occasional venue where Refugee Council cricket matches can be played

For more information about the Refugee Council Cricket Project, go to

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