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Steam & Roller Challenge

Welcome to the "Steam & Roller Challenge"!

What is it?

It's a £20,000 crowdfunding project, launched today (17th March) in conjunction with Sport England and with help from a range of local businesses, to raise the money we need for a new Pitch Roller and for a new Hot Water System (hence the "Steam" bit...).

Why a Roller?

Cricket is a game that relies almost entirely on the surface on which it's played. Without a great pitch there cannot be a good game, and as we all know, our groundsman Terry Brockman works tirelessly at Blackheath to make sure we get just such a pitch, not just once or twice but well over a hundred times every season. But a great craftsman is only as good as his tools and sadly our Pitch Roller, a loyal servant to Terry for the past 20 years, is near the end of its life. These things are very expensive, and although we have managed to identify a good second-hand one that will see us through the next 20 years, it's still going to cost us £10,000. We want to secure it ready for the start of the 2024 season.

Why Hot Water?

When we built the Tangley pavilion 11 years ago the budget was very tight indeed, so we had to make do with cheap electric showers and a basic, rather inefficient electric immersion water heater. Now, with energy prices sky high and the pavilion so heavily used in the summer that its electricity supply is often pushed beyond its limits (meaning fuses blow), we want to install a more sustainable, yet still affordable, hot water solution. We're going for an LPG boiler and hot water tank that will serve kitchen, toilets and showers. It's efficient, much greener than what we have now, and affordable, but it's still going to cost nearly £20,000 to install along with all the associated plumbing.

Where Do You Come In?

We're asking everyone in the club to make a donation, no matter how small. It can be anything from £5 to £500. When you do that, Sport England will match your donation with one of their own so the club gets additional benefit, and you can claim a "reward" from one of our friendly local businesses who have kindly agreed to support us. Take a look at the website (see below) to find out what rewards you can claim. If we hit our target of £20,000 then Sport England will give us a further £6,000, and that will bring us very close to the total we need.

The challenge went live today, Sunday 17th March, and it runs for just 5 weeks until Sunday 21st April so please don't delay...

Go to our Crowdfunder Page to read all about it, and make your pledge today.

Are You a Local Business?

One more thing... if you own, or are involved in, a local business then why not get some good publicity by helping with this local community project? Take a look at the list of rewards on our Crowdfunder site, and see if you could offer us something similar.

If you think you could help, please contact Sue Stefanik

Many thanks, as always, for your support of Blackheath Cricket Club!

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