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Nearly there - finishing off the Grafham project

It was another busy weekend for the small group of dedicated volunteers who have been working on the Grafham ground and pavilion over the winter, making various improvements in readiness for the new season.

As you can see from the small selection of pictures below, a huge amount has been done over the past few months, including felling of trees, clearing of ditches and resurfacing the track and car-park. The square is looking in great shape and the outfield has finally dried out. This weekend a new outfield pitch was laid on the south side of the ground, so that this season we will be able to run 2 junior games or training sessions simultaneously.

The refurbishment of the pavilion is now very nearly complete as well, with just the redecoration of the bar area remaining to be done. It will be a few weeks yet before the easing of lockdown restrictions will permit us to use the refurbished building, but when we finally open up, it will be a fantastic facility. A date for the formal opening ceremony has now been set, which is Sunday 27 June – further details to follow.

The final stage of the project is to acquire everything we need to so that the refurbished ground and pavilion are properly kitted out. There's a long list of things we need, and to get all of them we are looking to raise just over £4,000. Full details are on our Grafham Appeal page: please help out by making a donation to this if you can.

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