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2020 Junior Coaching Gets Underway!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Since the ECB issued guidelines permitting small group training sessions to start the club has been working hard on plans to get a coaching programme underway for our junior members in accordance with those guidelines. This has been quite a complex process, involving sorting out a timetable, adapting our administration software to cope with organising the sessions, and running pilot sessions to test out how the plans will work. However, we are pleased to say that we have now finalised arrangements and from next week (starting 22nd June) we will be offering small group training sessions to all squads at either 4.45pm-6.00pm or 6.30pm-8.00pm each week: see the list below.

Under the new system, all junior squad members will be asked for their availability for specific coaching sessions, in the same way that they have previously been asked for their availability for matches. They will then receive specific confirmation by email that they are selected to come to that coaching session and will be asked to confirm that they are coming. There will be a capacity of 20 juniors for each training session. If more than 20 squad members wish to come to a given session, some will have to miss out, though they will have priority for the next session.

To enable all juniors to have the opportunity to come to sessions, with a limited number of available slots during the week, it has been necessary in some cases to combine squads together, though most squads have their own sessions. We will keep demand under review for all squads and may change the combining arrangements so that capacity reflects demand as far as possible.

All of these sessions will be run by or with the assistance of professional coaches. However, volunteer parent assistance will also be required to run the sessions, including in particular supervising the arrival and leaving process to ensure that social distancing and sanitising requirements are complied with. Over the next couple of days, squad managers and/or administrators will be contacting all squads about this, as well as seeking availability for the first week's coaching sessions.

As a result of the group coaching sessions, use of the nets for private bookings will from next week be rather more restricted than previously, and some 1:1 coaching bookings with Ronny/Danny may have to be rearranged (they will be in touch about this). However, the nets will remain fully open for booking at weekends as previously.

The slots allocated to squads are as set out in the table below. Further information about the rules and procedures for the sessions will follow over the weekend.

U6 boys and U7 boys: Wednesday 4.45pm-6pm

U8 boys: Tuesday 4.45-6pm

U9 boys: Monday 4.45-6pm

U10 boys: Friday 4.45-6pm

U6-U9 and U10/U11 girls: Thursday 4.45-6pm

U11 boys: Tuesday 6.30-8pm

U12 boys: Monday 6.30-8pm

U12-U14 girls: Thursday 6.30-8pm

U13 boys and U14/U15 boys: Friday 6.30-8pm

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