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Cricket Week 2023

Cricket week, the highlight of our cricketing and social year, is now only just over a week away. We welcome back all our usual visitors, with matches every day between Monday 7th and Friday 11th August. The bar will be open every afternoon, tea will be available for supporters as well as players, and there will be home-cooked supper every evening.

Members and guests are most welcome on any day during the week – some locals come every day and enjoy a full week of evening meals! If you are not already a member or part of the visiting team’s party, we ask that you sign up as a social member before buying drinks, which you can do very easily on the spot.

For details of the meal each evening, see below (there will also be vegetarian options). The price for the meal will be in the region of £12 to £14 (it will vary slightly depending on the evening), to include a simple dessert, such as strawberries and cream, cheesecake or fruit crumble.

To help us assess numbers in good time and to guarantee your meal, we strongly encourage everyone who plans on coming on a particular evening to let us know in advance by emailing our social secretary, Alex Jones ( Those wanting a vegetarian option must pre-book.

We’ll look forward to seeing you during the week!

Monday 1st August: Blackheath v Cricket Society (2pm start)

Our oldest cricket week fixture, the Cricket Society have been coming to Blackheath ever since our first cricket week in 1978.

Captain: Danny Harrison

Umpire: Alan Stone

Evening meal: Peter's Chicken Curry with rice, cooked by Vicky Cadelina. Dessert: Strawberries and Cream.

Tuesday 2nd August: Blackheath v Grasshoppers (2pm start)

Grasshoppers are a strong wandering side drawing many of their players from Farnham CC and they invariably provide tough opposition.

Captain: Ian Souness

Umpire: Eric Simpson

Evening meal: Chicken in White Wine, baked potato and salad, cooked by Kate Webb. Dessert: Cheesecake.

Wednesday 3rd August: Blackheath v Kenya Kongonis (11.30am start)

The Kenya Kongonis have been coming to Blackheath for many years as part of their annual tour. This is an all-day game with lunch in the marquee for players and a limited number of supporters and guests. As in past years, in the evening we will be raising funds for the East Africa Character Development Trust, a charity associated with the Kongonis which supports deprived children in and around Nairobi.

Captain: Pete Melhuish

Umpire: Alan Stone

Evening meal: Thai Buffet, cooked by Cill Culverwell. Dessert: Strawberries and Cream.

Thursday 4th August: Blackheath v Jack Frost (2pm start)

We’ve long had close links with Jack Frost with quite a few players being members of both clubs over the years. Since they became part of our cricket week, we’ve almost always had great matches involving a close finish.

Captain: Ronny Harrison

Umpire: Eric Simpson

Evening meal: Pasta Bolognese, cooked by Simon Jones. Dessert: Strawberries and Cream.

Friday 5th August: Blackheath v MCC (11.30am start)

This year sees the return of the MCC, whom we play in alternate years. They are invariably a strong side and it is a high standard match. This is another all-day game with lunch in the marquee for players, officials and invited guests.

Captain: Will Melhuish

Umpire: Terry Brockman

Evening meal: Selection of Paellas cooked by Paul Cope. Dessert: Fruit Crumble and Ice Cream.

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