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Cricket Week

Next week is Cricket Week at Blackheath, and despite the current restrictions we still have a match every day of the week and are welcoming all of our usual visiting opponents, so why not come up to the 'heath, whether to play or just to watch for an hour or two?

Our Cricket Week tradition began in 1978 when MCC sent a team down on the first Friday in August to help us celebrate our Centenary Year (an unusual mark of respect from "HQ" for a mere village club). It was decided to make a week of it by adding some other good fixtures, and the Week rapidly became the most popular social event in our calendar. We've hosted the MCC biannually on that Friday ever since, and several of the other opponents have been visiting for almost as long.

In a normal year the Tangley pavilion would welcome all visitors and spectators throughout the week, with the bar open and evening meals served every day, but unfortunately current circumstances mean we can only offer cricket itself, with the bar open for outdoor take-away drinks service only. Also, while several of our matches would normally be all-day affairs starting from 11am, this year they all start at 2pm.

Monday 3rd August 2pm - The Cricket Society

The Cricket Society has been visiting us on Cricket Week Monday ever since the 1970s. Its aim is to promote cricket in all its spheres – listening, reading, watching and playing, with around 1800 members including a host of well-known cricket personalities, and past presidents include Jim Swanton and Christopher Martin-Jenkins.

Tuesday 4th August 2pm - Surrey Grasshoppers CC

Grasshoppers are among the top wandering sides in Surrey who have been visiting us since the 1980s and usually include in their team a selection of the best league players from around the county.

Wednesday 5th August 2pm - Kenya Kongonis

Regular visitors to Blackheath for many years, Kenya Kongonis is one of the oldest and most prestigious cricket clubs in Kenya. Its objectives are the playing and furtherance of the game of cricket in Kenya, to encourage the development of youth cricket, and to arrange K.C.C. tours in other countries and visits to Kenya by similar bodies.

Thursday 6th August 2pm - Jack Frost CC

Another regular visitor to Blackheath in recent years, Jack Frost is a wandering club made up of friends and their families from across the club cricketing spectrum in and around South East England.

Friday 7th August 2pm - Old Cranleighan CC

With the MCC fixture being biannual, in the alternating years we're always pleased to welcome Old Cranleighans on the prestigious Friday of our Week. Over the years many good cricketers from Cranleigh School have played their club cricket at Blackheath, and this year's match is likely to feature Cranleigh boys young and old in both teams.

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