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Job List

If you are able to resolve any of the following jobs, please contact Simon Jones (blackheathjones@gmail.comor Terry Brockman (


  • Point slab at top of steps at the front of the pavilion (there is sand and cement in the mower store).

  • Create a hard stand for the empty beer barrels.

  • Clean exterior walls (e.g. at Away changing room door).

  • Replace external socket outside Away changing room door.

  • Add 4-way extension lead socket for till and EPOS under bar.

  • Add batten to stop till from tipping forward when drawer opens.

  • Fix gutter on mower store.

  • Install the picket fence!

  • Tighten Sky box shelf.

  • Add automatic closers to the cold room doors.

  • Paint over damp patch in the ladies loo.

  • Sort out the disabled loo (re-scree floor, replace flooring and reinstall toilet).


  • Replace battery in the clock.

  • Investigate leak from glass washer.

  • Check ceiling lights in home and away changing rooms.

  • Replace broken bricks on ramp to carpark door.

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