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Friday evenings at Blackheath

Friday junior practice evenings are busy at Blackheath. To ensure things run smoothly it is important that everyone follows the rules …


Traffic and parking


There are special traffic and parking arrangements in place for Friday evenings, which are summarised on the plan and map at this link: Friday night parking


To avoid a jam, and to avoid upsetting local residents, it is really important that you follow these unless you are directed otherwise by our traffic marshals.  The arrangements are broadly similar to last year, but even if you came then please take the time to remind yourself what they are. 


If you can avoid bringing a car to the club itself at all, please do so (sharing transport is a good idea if you can), and if you are coming from the direction of Shamley Green we would ask you to park in the car park on Littleford Lane, from which it is just a short walk across the heath (see the plan).  However, for those driving to the club please park as follows:


  • Minis (4.15pm-5pm): Please come up the main track to the club and park in the club car-park.  Please leave the same way.

  • U7, U8 and U9 boys (5.15pm-6.15pm): Please do not come up the main track to the club.  Instead, carry on up Blackheath Lane.  If there is space in the Villagers Car park, please park there.  If there is no space there, carry on up to the top of the village and park in the public car-park at the end of the road if you can.  If there is no space there either, turn right, proceed along the track and drive between the trees on to the top part of the ground, where you will be directed where to park.  All these car-parks are shown on the plan at the link above.  Please leave the same way.

  • U10, U11 and U12 boys (6.30-8pm): Please come up the main track to the club and park in the club car-park (unless you are directed elsewhere by traffic marshals because that car-park is full).  Again, please leave the same way you came in, unless told otherwise.


Please drive slowly and considerately at all times.  There is a 20mph advisory speed limit in the village and a 5mph speed limit on the tracks to the club - please do observe these at all times, even if you are running late!  Please also try to park as tightly as possible so we can maximise the number of cars in the space available, especially in the club car park.


Coaching areas

In each of the 5.15-6.15pm and 6.30-8pm sessions there are 3 squads training at the same time. Though this may sometimes change (e.g. when a squad is in the nets), in general the allocation of the available space between squads in the relevant sessions will be as shown in the plans below:

What to wear and what to bring


For those who are new to Friday evenings at Blackheath, there are no special rules about what to wear.  It is not necessary to wear cricket kit (i.e. white shirt or white trousers) though some do; t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms are fine.  Obviously bring appropriate clothing for the weather.  As regards footwear, trainers are fine; those who have them can bring cricket boots but they can't be used in the nets.


Those who have cricket kit should bring it, but for those playing softball cricket no kit is necessary.  For those playing hardball cricket who do not have their own kit, there should be club kit available to borrow.  If in doubt about what kit you need, please ask your squad manager (contact details on the website).  On the first couple of Fridays there will be a second hand shop: see below.


For parents, there are some picnic tables at the club, but you are welcome to bring your own picnic tables/chairs or picnic rug to sit on in the area in front of the pavilion.  However we ask you not to bring your own alcohol.  The bar is open for most of the evening and bar revenue is an important part of the club's income.


Other general rules for Friday evenings


There are a few other general rules for Friday evenings, which we ask you to note:

  • Unless your child is aged 12 or older, we ask you either to remain at the club during the practice sessions or to find another adult who is willing to take responsibility for your child if necessary, and to ensure that the relevant squad manager/administrator is told in advance by email who that adult is, copying in the relevant adult.

  • Please keep any children you bring to the club who are not being coached under supervision and out of the areas where coaching is taking place.  If an unsupervised child wanders into a practice area they can easily be hurt by a stray cricket ball.  Please also keep them off the log pile near the nets and the large roller by the top boundary.

  • Please do not leave litter and ensure that your children do not do so either.  


Bar and BBQ


The bar will be open every Friday evening from about 5pm onwards.  There will also be a BBQ each week from about 6pm, serving burgers from the local Bramley butchers.  Tickets for the BBQ should be purchased from the bar.  There may be a bit of a queue at the bar or BBQ at busy times - please be patient!


Second hand shop


For at least the first couple of Fridays there will be various used cricket kit on sale in the pavilion, especially pads and gloves, at very reasonable prices.  Those playing hardball cricket for the first time may well want to look at this before spending large sums to get new kit.  If you have used kit you no longer want, please do bring it up to the club and donate it to the shop if you are happy to do so.

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